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Filipino scientist

Many filipino scientists are recognized for their important contributions in the field of biology. The following is a list of Filipino scientis, their area of specialization and their contribution in the field of biology.

Filipino scientist in the Field of biology

Eduardo A. Quisumbing, Ph D. - ( Botany) . Pioneered in the study of medicinal plants . Father of
Philippine Orchidology.
Carmen C. Velasquez. Ph. D.- ( Parasitology). Identified numerous species and genus of parasitic
organisms, particularly fish parasites.
Gregorio T. Velasquez Ph. D.- ( Phycology) produced 45 basic researches and 70 article on
William Padolina Ph D.- ( Biotechnology) Pioneered excellent researches in biotechnology and
chemistry of natural products.
Emerita V. De Guzman Ph. D. ( Biotechnology) Recognized for her research on propagation of
mutant macapuno, and tissue culture techniques for rapid
propagation of abaca and banana.
Angel C. Alcala Ph. D. ( Ecology; Marine Biology) Known for conservation of coral reefs,
Mangrooves, aquaculture studies in giant clams mollusks and
Ramon C. Barba Ph. D. (Botany) Known for mango flower induction technology, tissue culture
of sugar cane, rattan and banana development of seedless
Priscillano M. Zamora Ph. D. (Botany) Published articles on morphology and taxonomy of some
crop plants, ferns gymnosperms.
Pedro B. Escuro Ph. D. (Botany) Gained international recognition for developing the dwarf high
yeilding C rice varieties.
Geminiano T. De Ocampo Ph. D. (Opthalmology) Pioneered in modern opthalmology and led
corneal transplantaion in the country.

Assignment: Research on outstanding citizens in your community who have contributed to science and technology in the country.Submit work not later than Wed.June 18,
- List traits / scientific attitudes of scientist that help them to become succesful. Prepare a role playing showing different scientific attitudes. Each group will be given 10 minutes to present their role playing. Be ready for this activity on Friday June 20,2008

June 17, 2008

Name foreign scientists in the field of Biology.

Gregor Mendel - Father of heredity and the basic laws of inheritance; An Austrian Monk
Louis Pasteur- Father of bacteriologi; developed vaccine against rabies; French chemist and
Rudolf Virchow- father of mern pathology; contributed to the cell theory; German medical naturalist
Charles Darwin- worked on the theory of evolution and natural selection; British naturalist
Sir Alexander Flemming- discovered penicillin as an antibiotic, Scottish bacteriologist.
William Harvey- discovered the mechanics of human blood circulation; english physician.
Robert Koch- discovered the mechanics of human blood circulation; English physician.
Carolus Linnaeus- father of taxonomy; Swedish naturalist and botanist.
Joseph Lister- highlighted the importance of antiseptic in surgery; British medical doctor and
Edward Jenner- worked on smallpox vaccine.
Anton Van Leeuwenhoek- designed compound microscopes with high magnification which led to
microbiology, the study of microscopic life; Dutch naturalist.
Albert Sabin- discovered vaccine against polio virus.
Robert Hooke- gave the name "cells" for structures he saw under the microscope.
James D. Watson- with Crick described the double helix structure of DNA. American biologist.
Francis H. C. Crick- with Watson, described the double helix structure of DNA. British biophysicist.

Long test on Friday - Characteristics of Living things
Branches of Biology
Filipino/foreign Scientists
Scientific Attitudes

Assignment for Monday June. Scientific Method.
What is a scientific method? Is it only true to scientist?
Vocabulary words
What is a control set up of experiment? experimental set up of experiment?
Submit assignment individually not later than June 23, 2008 thru e-mail.

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